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Atmospheric lighting in cycles

How would I go a about making volume light beams? I have have tried various tutorials, but they must be for a older version. as applying them does seemingly nothing. A link to a functioning ...
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How can a light cone (volumetric) be setup with cycles?

I tried to reproduce the results from the Docs on volumetric lighting unfortunately the video link is broken. And I might have overlooked some related settings. The spot light is barley visible on ...
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Laser beam through fog

I am modeling a laser light in Blender, but I am not sure how to get the results i wish to have. The result should look like the Picture:
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Volumetric Lighting is not working

I have a simple setup to try out Volumetric Lighting. I have a spot lamp and Volume Scatter set for the World. The cube has a window for the light of the spot lamp. But no Volumetric Lighting. I ...
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Creating a light beam

I need a light beam, something like this: I tried it, but the emmision shader dosen't work that way now - when I make make a simple ...
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Holographic lighting in Cycles

Is it possible to create a holographic lighting in cycles? This is possible In the Blender Internal render engine, but I'm not going for linking lamps. Here is what I mean (the light that is holding ...
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Creating realistic concert lighting

I've been trying to create a live venue in blender recently, but have gotten stuck at the point of making realistic spotlights. First I tried using a cylinder mesh with an emissive transparency ...
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How can I make a cone of light be more realistic?

Any way I can make the light more realistic? Probably just a bit less opaque. Probably some tips to reduce noise too, thanks! The light is a cone with the nodes on the left. Lit up with spot. Made in ...
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Show cone for spotlight is not showing up after the scene is rendered

The first image is the scene in the render it shows the spotlight with cone, but i render the same scene the cone for the spotlight is not showing up. Don't know why! P.S.(I removed the building at ...
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Create a light material which is seen as a focus in Cycles [duplicate]

How can I make a light material which is seen as a focus?
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How to prevent my volumetric lighting cube to reduce my main light in the scene [duplicate]

When i created a cube that surrounds the whole scene it looked pretty however it decreased my sun lamp's emission effect on my bushes and doing so it decreased glossy level of my plants which its not ...
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Atmospheric Lighting: Am I doing it wrong? At the time I have posted these images and attempted atmospheric lighting, I have attempted to follow alongside a tutorial out of, but the results were ...
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Create a light ray effect? [duplicate]

I've got a scene where a sun is shining through a couple of windows: I want to make it so that there is a light ray effect between the windows and where the light hits, like this: Here's what my ...
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