I'm trying to export a collada file including maps, diffuse and specular work fine but normal map doesn't, I'm using the blender internal, I know exporting from cycles doesn't work, I check 'include material maps' when exporting, I set the normal map as 'normal' in the geometry section, I set the mapping, I even made the edit in the text editor like said in this thread: https://gamedev.stackexchange.com/questions/62245/blender-exporting-to-collada-assimp-and-normal-maps

This is the text of my file:

<effect id="Material-effect">
    <newparam sid="Diff_png-surface">
      <surface type="2D">
    <newparam sid="Diff_png-sampler">
    <newparam sid="Spec-surface">
      <surface type="2D">
    <newparam sid="Spec-sampler">
    <newparam sid="Normal-surface">
      <surface type="2D">
    <newparam sid="Normal-sampler">
    <technique sid="common">
          <color sid="emission">0 0 0 1</color>
          <color sid="ambient">0 0 0 1</color>
          <texture texture="Diff_png-sampler" texcoord="UVMap"/>
          <texture texture="Spec-sampler" texcoord="UVMap"/>
          <float sid="shininess">50</float>
          <float sid="index_of_refraction">1</float>
        <technique profile="FCOLLADA">
            <texture texture="Normal-sampler" texcoord="UVMap"/>



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