As the title says, I'm having a hard time rendering my particles in cycle (but they do appear in Eevee and viewport)

I checked the layer, the items visibility in render, the cameray ray, the emitter checkbox in the particle settings, and by all intent and purpose I think they should render? But they don't, so I obviously missed some setting, and I'm now pulling the "help me" card


Can anyone tell me what I've missed, please? Thanks in advance!


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You use Emitter particles for your static particle crystals ("sprinkles"). For static particles that don't change their position like grass, trees, sprinkles, sesame seeds on a burger, ... it's better to use Hair particles. They are static and always dead.

Emitter particles are used for animation mainly. For birds, fishes, moths, dust, and fluid. They have a lifetime and die.

Looks like you knew that and have made the settings accordingly: Only 1 frame animation and set Frame Start and End to 1, lifetime 1. Unfortunately, it does not work because in frame 1 the particles are still unborn and not rendered by default. The nasty thing is that you see them in the viewport.

Possible fixes:

  • use particle type Hair. You need to apply the scale of the instance object and scale it up a bit. For some reason, the particles are smaller when rendered as Hair.
  • or set Frame Start and End to 0
  • or tick the checkbox Render > Extras > Unborn in particle settings
  • or render frame 2 and tick the checkbox Render > Extras > Dead in particle settings
  • or use particle type Hair ;-)
  • $\begingroup$ OMG thank you! That's going to be useful for so much more than this file too!!! $\endgroup$ Commented Apr 14, 2021 at 17:15

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