I have a spherical mesh and I apply some textures to displace it in order to get a rocky surface. The relevant node tree part is the following: enter image description here

Keep in mind that I have turned on the bump and displacement setting. The problem is that with this procedure the material changes the shape of the object but the mesh is not altered. As a result, the particle system previously applied touches the mesh but not the displaced material.

I have already seen this post: Make particles follow true (material) displacement

It says that you require an addon and that my material is an UV coordinates material. But it is not well explained how to do it. Moreover I would like to do it completely with python, and I am not sure I can do it in this way.

PS I also tried to check "Use Modifier Stack" in particle settings. It does not work.


you have several options to make "real displacement" which means, that the mesh is really changed and then particle system would take these changes into account.

  • use displacement modifier before particle system (you can use a voronoi texture here too)
  • use geometry nodes to "make some noise" -> not much nodes needed for this
  • you could use the rock generator (which ships with Blender)
  • tbc...

and instead of using particle system at all i would think about using geometry nodes - because it can do a lot more than particles can.


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