(Eevee) So I have 2 textures hooked up to a color ramp, but I want to combine them in such a way that the colors on either isn't desaturated. I tried a whole heap of blend modes, this seems like a really basic maneuver in shading but I just could not findanything on this except for stuff that only works in cycles.

Neanderthal node setup neanderthal node setup

Node output Node output

What I want the node to spew out What I want the node to spew out

Thanks to any legend who points me in the right direction.


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There are many ways to do it, here it's one of them:

enter image description here

In your color ramps you need to replace the white color with a transparent one (just set the Alpha value to 0). That way you can have a white background and add the colors on top by using the Alpha output of the color ramps.

An alternative way could be to use the black color instead of the alpha and choose Screen or Add as blend modes


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