I use the add on easy HDRI, it work when I use the viewport render with shift Z, they add light to my mesh but when I make the final render they don't have any effect on the mesh.

My scene only contain a camera, a shpere and a light on the right of that shpere.

enter image description here enter image description here

The environnement passe is checked: enter image description here

as you can see on the render layer node, i try to see only the influence of the HDRI on the mesh enter image description here

but It seems There is no light coming from the environnement. enter image description here

Here I join the blender file, I would appreciate if someone can help


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The problem was that use Environement wasn't checked in the layer section of render layer. Instead Environement was checked on the passes section, which is useless if Use environement is uncked.

enter image description here

The Environement passe is not responsible of the light on the mesh, it just show the environement (in my case the HDRI I use to light the scene. Here is an environement passe:enter image description here


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