After a few hours playing with Blender I was able to:

  1. Figure out how to add a background image reference
  2. Match the camera position to my bg image using fSpy and fSpy addon for Blender 2.8
  3. Model a simple wood deck

Blender environment

However, I can't get to render the whole thing including the image that is already correctly positioned.

I went through articles that will tell you how to add an image as a background, but not with it as a background for the camera.

Is there a way that I can render this with the setup I already have?

I'm using Blender 2.8.

Here's what I see in the rendering view:

No background in render


You need to add geometry on top of your background image, in order to render.

Once you add geometry, subdivide everything and then Press U >> Project from View

After that, add a material to the geometry and inside this one, add your image.

Finally, render.

enter image description here

Good Luck


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