Ok, Ive looked at Removing internal geometry before 3D printing but am really trying to reduce poly count for export to UNITY especially. Ive decimated and done limited dissolve, but really I still have high poly count owing to internal geometry that is not seen, but augments poly count regardless:

enter image description here

I just need the "shell" essentially for export to unity. I tried ctrl-alt-shift-M, but Im not sure what this selected, and didn't get much. Select-interior faces does nothing.

How can I get rid of unseen geometry?


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Box selection

Go into edit mode ↹ Tab.
Switch to solid view mode (toggle Z).
Switch to face selection ⎈ Ctrl↹ Tab > F.

Box select the faces. B + drag + LMB LMB confirm
You have now selected the exterior faces.

Invert the selection. ⎈ CtrlI
You have now selected the interior faces.

Delete the faces ⎈ CtrlX > Faces.

remove interior faces


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