I'm making this model and as I'm tweaking and making adjustments, the straight lines start becoming a little jagged. Now, I know about the trick to flatten a set of verts or faces by Scaling on the Z axis and hitting 0. But my un-flattened faces are at a 20ish degree angle. And I need it to be at 20 degrees rather at a flat 0. How would I make a set of vertices snap or align to each other and remain at the same angle they're at currently?

Picture reference on what I mean below. enter image description here


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You can scale the edges with a custom Transform Orientation with two axes locked.

  • Select some edge that has an orientation that you are happy with.

  • Once it is selected press ctrl+alt+Space to make(and activate) a new custom Transform Orientation from the edge. The newly created Transform orientation will have its Y axis going along the length of the edge.

  • You can now select all the edges that you wish to straighten. You could manually select them or use some tools from the Shift+g menu, or ctrl + click to select the shortest path between two edges and check Face Stepping option in the bottom of the t panel or the F6 panel.

  • You need the pivot center for scaling to be set to Individual Origins in the Header of the 3d View for this to work.

  • Then you just hit s for scaling, hit shift+y twice to constraint scaling operation to the x and z axes of the selected Transform Orientation only and hit 0 to scale them to 0.

enter image description here


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