i have a plane and it is rotated in the x axis and i want to rotate the object in y axis 90 while keeping the x axis rotation as previous but when ever i am rotating the plane in the y axis it is also changing the x axis rotation and if i apply the transforms then the animation is not working correctly enter image description here enter image description here

so to be clear what are you trying to make?

first when u create a plane first when u create a plane

this is x rotate 53 degree this is x rotate 53 degree rotate 90 degree rotate 90 degree

  • yeah i did this and i just want to change the orientation of the plane from landscape to portrait while keeping the rotation on the x axis – Prateev Bardhan Oct 4 at 10:59
  • its something like the animation from this video youtube.com/watch?v=ahpUb_RzGJA at 1:00 – Prateev Bardhan Oct 4 at 11:09
  • never mind i have figured out – Prateev Bardhan Oct 4 at 12:26
  • 1
    @PrateevBardhan Please write an answer to your own question explaining what you did - to help anyone else who might be having a similar problem. You can then ‘accept’ the answer as the solution. – Rich Sedman Oct 4 at 12:40

I just changed xyz euler coordinate system with quaternion and used local transforms.

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