So, I made a human face model and tried to animate some basic animations with it using shape keys. I was using subdivision surface to make it appear smooth as well. (Also, if this could be the problem, I had just assigned everything to an armature)

In the middle of a blink animation, I noticed something strange about the eyelids as they were in mid blink, I paused the playback to see if I was right

And this is what I saw. Scary, isn't it?

I turned off subsurf and I saw what it used to look like

Much better, but not smooth :(

Can I get an answer? I want this done soon, (tomorrow is best).

After doing a little exploration, it seems that the shape keys are only affecting one vertice at a time, and not vertices created by subdivision surface

Even scarier!

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Ok, so I figured out what the problem is; So you know the list with all the modifiers on it?

Well, the subdivision has to be on the BOTTOM of the list, I moved it up to be able to access it quickly, but that made it so that it subdivided before the hook modifiers, making it appear jagged!

The fixed version


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