I looked everywhere from tutorials to documents and either they only talk about texturing or they are doing the tutorial in 'blender render' when I need it in 'cycles render'.

I have a cube that is toon shaded red. And as you can see it is unwrapped to show the map. enter image description here

Now I would like to add the color that's on the cube onto the map.

As you can see at the bottom of the image that I created a new image called 'untitled'. Now the next step of baking the colors onto the map is where I become lost. Regardless of which 'Bake Type' that I used, I keep getting error messages like: No valid selected objects.

Everything looks selected to me. No, I am not new to Blender but I am new to color baking. Thank you for any help provided; I used a simple cube first before using other models I already created.


Befor baking you need to open the Node editor and there add an image to bake to.

It is very important that this Image Texture node is selected before baking.

1: Open a node editor window.

2: Put a check against the Use Nodes option.

3: Add an Image Texture node.

4: Load the image that you want to bake to into the Image Texture node.

5: Before leaving the Node editor make sure that the Image Texture node is selected.

6: Hit that bake button.

enter image description here

Hope this helps some :)


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