I want to to place some objects on a plane (for right now I'll keep it simple and say they're cubes). Then I want to bend that plane but keep the cubes connected to the plane, following the curve of the bend. Also I want to keep the cubes separate and not a part of the plane so I can edit them separately. A good example I can think of that represents what I want to do is the game Animal Crossing.

Here's a screenshot of the game.enter image description here

Is there any way I could go about doing this?


In edit mode subdivide the plane so to have a grid with enough vertices that will define the position of your cube, then select the 3 vertices nearest the position you want the cube to stay.

Then in object mode select the cube, Shift select the plane, press Ctrl+P and choose "vertex triangle", so the cube will always follow the average location of the three vertices of the plane.


You can also use the new Surface Deform modifier in blender 2.79.


  1. Select one of the objects you want to follow the plane
  2. Go to the modifiers panel and create a Surface Deform modifier
  3. Set the surface it's following to the plane.

Now the object should be following the plane. To copy this modifier to the other objects:

  1. Select the other objects
  2. shift+select the cube that has the modifier on it
  3. hit ctrl+l to bring up the "make links" menu
  4. choose Modifiers - this will copy the modifier from the cube with the modifier to the other cubes

hope that helps!


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