Can someone help me. I'm new to this and have made it far in 2 weeks, but being I am not an expert I've finally hit a dead end. If someone could help me, or flat out correct the 2 problems I'm having and tell me how you did it so I'll know next time, that would be great.

1.) Everything in my project is Orange and I only want my Shockwave, Wings, and Glowing Outline of my letters Orange like in my screenshot below (everything else comes out orange except my A). My big A is rendering all black and wont take on a color at all.

2.) My created Shockwave hits on beat in the Animation and Vid tabs, but when I render it and open the file for playback its hitting late and then starts playing choppy (out of sync altogether).

I have screen shots of the COMP. view, but as far as my Shockwave the screenshots wont tell you much you'll have to play it yourself. I really would love to finish my intro like this weekend coming up as I want to post a video on the 4th. If you think you can assist me let me know. I can send the rest of the screenshots. The actual project file is available below.

enter image description here


Since there is a lot going on I'm going to break it down into bullets.

  1. The black A: Lights don't go across layers. Layer one with the A has no lights causing the A to be black.

  2. Everything is orange because you only have one render layer and do the compositing to the whole scene. You need to make a non orange render layer and have it alpha over in the compositor. See the below images:

Settings for orange layer. Notice how only the second layer is selected. enter image description here

Settings for non orange layer. Notice how only the first layer is selected. Also turn OFF sky.

enter image description here

I'm not sure why you have additional compositing to the viewer I ignored that. Coming out of your current final node use an alpha over to combine the render layers.

enter image description here

  1. I don't do audio in Blender so I can't help you there.
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  • $\begingroup$ About to give this a try now. $\endgroup$ – AGodOfKings Jul 1 '17 at 2:17
  • $\begingroup$ @AGodOfKings It work for you? $\endgroup$ – Striar Jul 1 '17 at 21:32

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