So I have a wiggle node animation and I have a couple meshes that I would like to use the same wiggle node tree. How do I add the node tree to all the other meshes.

Also, how do I randomize them so they all don't wiggle the same way?

My node tree for the wiggle goes like this:

Time info ---> Vector Wiggle ---> Object Transform Output



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Using a Loop lets you reuse a node tree for all items of a list of any type.

Add > Subprograms > Loop will place the Loop Input node. After you add a new iterator, probably an Object List in your case, you should be able to connect the Loop Input to your existing tree.

Add > Subprograms > Invoke Subprogram > loop_name then provides a node with the Object List input that you can feed with the output of a Create Object List, a From Group or a custom script.

The Loop Input's Index connected to the Seed input of the Vector Wiggle (or any other node which generates random numbers) makes sure that different numbers for each iteration of the loop will be generated. This prevents your objects from moving in formation.

basic wiggle

If you want each object to individually wiggle around a different specified location, then you have the option to either add that location as a second iterator of type Vector List

vector list wiggle

…or use the Object ID Key node to store and access the initial transformation values.
(Thanks to Jacques Lucke for this answer which describes how to use this node.)

object id key wiggle


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