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I am relatively new to Blender and am looking for help with my animation. I know all about keyframing but my question is how to make the speed of an object constant when it moves between 2 keyframes, ...
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Wheel speed get slow? [duplicate]

I made a wheel rolling. The animation show a bet slow speed when start and end it. How to fix this. here is my file []
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How Do I make Perfect Rotating Loop? [duplicate]

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How to make a usable walkcycle [duplicate]

I'm trying to make a walk cycle on a character, but there's a problem. When I loop the walkcycle, the steps kind of ease in and out, making the feet slide even when the character is moving at a ...
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Is it possible to set a global Blender preference so that all keyframed motion is linear by default?

I've been working on some animations recently, and I've noticed that I'm having poor luck with certain things, namely the fact that I don't really use Blender's graph editor very well. One of the ...
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Looping Animations with Curve Modifier

I'm using the curve modifier to animate objects along a path. I know that there are other modifiers that do this but I am specifically using the curve modifier because I want the geometry to morph as ...
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How can I make an object spin without slowing down?

I want to make an object spin without slowing down when animation is playing again.
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Object wobbles during rotation

newbie here - I'm trying to rotate an object - I can rotate it no problem in object mode, but when I set the keyframes and play the animation it wobbles. I tried uploading the file but it's over 200MB ...
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How can I animate these planes for Unity game Assets?

How can I animate the blender file here: to be used in the Unity game engine? People recommend using the Action Editor. Furthermore, would I need to merge all the planes into one object for use? Hope ...
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How to make a camera rotate on the spot?

what I need to do is so simple, it seems, I can't find anyone who has made a tutorial on it, and as such, I am quite stuck, as I'm new to blender. What I need to do is rotate my camera 360 degrees ...
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How to get the updated vertex coordinates of a cube when rotating?

I tried to use handlers to update the vertex coordinates but failed. Please have a look at below code: ...
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How do I make my walking animation to continuously move instead of stopping at the end of the frame

As you can see, for some reason when my walking animation ends, why does it take longer for the character to move its legs apart again (that is from frame 0 to 40) compared to when the character moves ...
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How do i disable the bezier function in 2.8?

changing to 2.8 is a nightmare, everything's in a different spot now, where can i disable the Bezier function so my animations don't start slow, speed up, then slow down at the end?
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