I'm animating a representation of fluid flow by using a generated Wave texture, animating the mapping to make the rings travel. This works well for a cylindrical object; but for a bent tube, the rings get distorted, as I'm (simplistically) animating along the object's y value (which works fine for the cylinder).

Here's the textured tube and the material nodes: Textured tube and the material nodes

The tube is a Bezier curve with a circle used as a bevel object. I can convert to a mesh if need be, but I'd prefer not to.

Is there a mapping that would cause the texture to propagate along the Bezier, with one animatable parameter that will cause the rings to travel along the tube?


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Thanks for the pointer, Carlo. Yes, enabling "use UV for mapping" helped; but I also needed to change from Object to UV as the input to the mapping node: Textured hose now looks right

Animating the Y parameter of the mapping node makes the rings travel along the tube as desired. Thanks!


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