in many games the items you want to pick change form when you are near or you are aiming at them. Sometimes they change color to a translucent green, sometimes they shine more than the rest objects in the world. I want to create this effect in BGE.

I am working with this buddha statue from GiovanniLucca: statue

In this image: highlighted item

you can see what I mean if you notice the desert eagle. There is a yellow highlight.

So how can I achieve this in the statue I am working with? Should I replace its mesh with another one with a different material (highlighted material)? Should I duplicate its mesh and scale it a bit to be close to the original and then change the color of the outer mesh and animate it to change from let's say transparent to green translucent when I am aiming at it? Is there another way? Has anyone done it?

I just want the player to know with which items he can interact and with whom he can't. I tried replacing meshes with transparent materials(in the whole object) and I was disappointed with the result.

Edit: I wasn't quite clear cause I did not know the way to do this I guess. My question is, how can I re-create the effect that you see in the image around the gun(desert eagle)? When the character is near I want it to get highlighted like this. The logic-bricks-code are done to detect when the character is near. So, how can I make it emit this (yellow) light close to its faces only and keep its textures still visible?

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Duplicate Mesh Outline

Have a mesh to be outlined:

enter image description here

  • shift+d to get a copy of the object and the mesh (give it appropriate names)
  • ut: Make Single User "Materials + Tex", to get separate materials (give them appropriate names)
  • tab enter edit mode
  • select all vertices
  • alt+s fatten the mesh e.g by 0.1. The resulting mesh should be larger than the original. enter image description here
  • w + flip normals to make the faces show inside
  • tab to leave edit mode

As the outline should have an "aura" effect, I suggest to chose a shadeless material with "Add" Alpha. The color should be pretty dark. Otherwise it will hide the background too much.

enter image description here

This results in a semi-transparent "glowing" effect. enter image description here

While it looks strange in the preview the game engine will show you a nice outline.

enter image description here

PS: Thanks to Satish Goda (youtube) I know now how to enable backface culling. Therfore I suggest following additional settings:

  • parent the hover to the original object
  • make the hover unselectable
  • in Properties enable Shading/Backface Culling

enter image description here

This is the effect. Now you can think about logic that switches it on and off.

Hint: you can even fade it by playing material actions.

I hope it helps

  • $\begingroup$ amazing! Thanks. I alt+S for a value of 0.01 though, else the deformation was huge! And I am gonna try non-shadeless materials cause the effect is a little soft. $\endgroup$
    – Lev
    Commented Aug 19, 2015 at 10:25
  • $\begingroup$ Also for the record, parenting as monster said and playing with visibility actuators works perfectly and it is simple. $\endgroup$
    – Lev
    Commented Aug 19, 2015 at 11:21

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