My problem is that I have a rope that has a cloth animation, so it's hanging between two points. The rope is a single edge with several vertices on it. When I try to attach emptys to the vertex with the shrinkwrap modifier (nearest vertex), it works for a while but when the rope starts moving, the emptys start teleporting between different vertices because the vertex before is not the closest one at the moment. How could I make the emptys stay on a particular vertex without them teleporting? Is there an alternative for the shrinkwrap constraint made for a similar purpose?


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I got it to work with parenting the empty to a vertex:

  1. Select the empty
  2. Select the mesh that has the targeted vertex
  3. Press Tab
  4. Select the targeted vertex
  5. Press Ctrl+P
  6. Select Make Vertex Parent
  7. (Optional) Tab out to object mode, bake animation, select Clear Parents, Visual Keying and you have an empty moving with the vertex without the empty being attached to the mesh.

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