I have these Objects around a Circle.
I want to have every object rotate around his local Z axis by 6.6 degrees more then the previous object:

I thought Animation Nodes is a good way of dealing with this, but there is less information than I thought.

So first things first, how do I get the Objects to rotate around the local Z - at the moment everything is rotating globally and I dont get it to behave anyhow differently...

enter image description here


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Use offset Matrice node with local-axis local-pivot option selected to rotate on object's local axis. You can get that option from Advanced Node Settings of the node by pressing U or from right panel. enter image description here

We can use Float Range node to generate a float list with step of 6.6 for rotation. enter image description here

Alternate way: enter image description here PS. Turn on degrees currently everything is in radians.


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