If I change to side ortho views, when I move the angle of my view with the mouse wheel, as to rotate my view around the object, it goes back to prespective view, even if I had user ortho enabled beforehand.

I can't seem to find any settings to change this nor anyone else with this issue, but if you can any links will be helpful.

  • $\begingroup$ Can confirm this behavior, not sure if that was intended by the developers. $\endgroup$ – Robert Gützkow Jul 30 '19 at 9:52
  • $\begingroup$ It's an odd behavior choice then. In a previous beta however this was not the case, it worked just like 2.79 worked. $\endgroup$ – Crash Logger Jul 30 '19 at 10:01

The default setting is to automatically go back to perspective. To dissable this, uncheck the Auto Perspective checkbox in the Preferences/Navigation.

enter image description here

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  • $\begingroup$ You're right. Here is a ticket were the devs explained this developer.blender.org/T67815 $\endgroup$ – Robert Gützkow Jul 30 '19 at 10:03
  • $\begingroup$ Thanks. I wonder why they have this option enabled by default. $\endgroup$ – sacrish Jul 30 '19 at 10:17
  • $\begingroup$ @sacrish not sure. Back in 2014 they had decided to have it off by default, can't find a ticket where they discussed changing the default. Might have been a meeting and not on the bug tracker. $\endgroup$ – Robert Gützkow Jul 30 '19 at 10:50
  • $\begingroup$ Thank you very much! $\endgroup$ – Crash Logger Jul 30 '19 at 12:58

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