I'm used to rendering heavier files but cycles isn't rendering the one I'm currently working on for some reason, it renders just fine in the viewport even with the sampling increased exponentially and it still only takes around 60mb of memory but when I render the scene it says out of memory and doesn't render. plus the model isn't visible through the camera with viewport render.


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You have two problems:

The first one is that you have set the subsurf modifier to a very high number of subdivisions for rendering.

enter image description here

You have to be careful when using the subsurf modifier, as it increases the number of vertices exponentially. Using a large number of vertices will require more RAM and will use more computing resources. I doubt you need 6 levels of subdivision ever. With 6 levels of subdivision your very simple scene needs 6.5GB of RAM to render.

Use a more reasonable number. Read: Blender render crash when using subsurf modifiers.

The second problem is that you are trying to use depth of field on the camera, but have set the focus distance to zero, so your scene is completely out of focus, and it renders all gray. enter image description here

Set the focus to the distance of the object , or select the object as your focus target.

enter image description here


Rendered image is just grey


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