The playback isn't synced. Audio can not be heard. The frame cursor continously jumps back to already played frames.

enter image description here

Blender 2.79#5db8ac9 (2017-09-11 10:43)

Things I had done with this file.

  • video editing in the sequencer
  • executed script with codemanx's addon to set keys on strips
  • rendered
  • animation node to display tc with text strip

Things I tried to solve the playback

  • Frame Dropping instead of AV-sync > works, but I can't hear audio
  • delete all strips and data blocks
  • disabled all addons
  • hide all but one area
  • reopened Blender, reopened the file
  • check Blender's playback capabilities in another file (works)

I have lots of editing in this file, which would be difficult to reproduce in a new file. That's why I need a way to fix this.


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Restarting my computer solves this. Even though playback seemed fine in all other files, the playback was restored in this file as well after rebooting my OS.


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