I have two computers. My new one is pretty solid, but it still takes 8 hours to render 3 seconds at 24 fps. I wouldn't mind it but i have other things i want to use that computer for in the meantime.

If i were to transfer the project to my old computer could i let it render non stop (for like a week)? Would it look any worse? I know it would take longer, but i don't really mind as long i can use my new computer without a major handicap.

I don't have the old one on me at the moment but from what i can remember it has

6gb of ram

core i3

nvidia gt 650m

EDIT: it's in cycles

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    $\begingroup$ It will do fine, just longer. $\endgroup$ – Doyousketch2 Dec 15 '17 at 21:02
  • $\begingroup$ If amount of RAM is enough for the "old" computer to put there all geometry, textures and start rendering then it will work just fine $\endgroup$ – Mr Zak Dec 15 '17 at 21:35
  • $\begingroup$ One thing you'll want to double check is that you have the same version of Blender on both computers. If you don't, you could get compatibility issues. $\endgroup$ – Scott Milner Dec 15 '17 at 22:04

No. The only thing that will change is the rendering time, everything else should be exactly the same.

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