I have a road shrink-wrapped to a terrain created by using the OpenSteetMap add-on.

In object mode, the dimensions cover the entire range of the terrain that the road covers. The dimensions report the width and breadth of the road network on the terrain.

I would like to set the width of the road segments in the overall road network.

Scale and Extrude don't seem to be the answer. I have been going through a few books and on-line courses and have not found a solution.

Is there a modifier or other transform that can be used to set the width of the one or more individual road segments in Edit mode?


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My suggestion is to use a curve which will keep the segments of consistent size.

1.) Create the curve:

enter image description here

Create a plane for the road surface (although you could use a cube) and loop cut it multiple times (the more the merrier) and scale it out: enter image description here

Add the Curve modifier to the plane and select the curve. You can also scale it to the desired length: enter image description here

Finally, use the MeasureIt addon (included with Blender) and proportional editing to get the segment the exact width you want. enter image description here

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You can use a Smooth modifier with a vertex group to control how much the modifier affects the mesh:

vertex group control

Then, you paint the vertex group to adjust the width:

vertex group painting


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