I'm new to Blender and I have a simple animation consisting of an empty object changing orientation around its Y axis about 30°. The steps to animate this:

  1. Opened up timeline and set position to 0 (pos of keyframe 1)
  2. Hovered over object's Transform > Location values box and hit I key (so that it highlights yellow), thus placing keyframe and pos 0
  3. Moved to pos 60 on timeline (position of keyframe 2)
  4. Changed orientation of object as desired
  5. Hovered again over Transform > Location and hit I, placing keyframe 2.

When I hit play the object rotates with a bezier ease in and out. I want a linear interpolation, so I go to the dope sheet, highlight all keyframes, and hit T then select linear interpolation, but the animation remains with an ease in and out. I also go to Channel > Extrapolation Mode and choose Linear with no visible change.

My graph editor is completely flat and shows only 2 points (presumably the keyframes).

Screenshots for clarity: 1, 2, 3

Image 1

Image 2

Image 3

Any ideas what I'm missing? Thanks in advance.


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You are not supposed to be changing Extrapolation mode, that is used for "extending" or repeating an animation after the last keyframe, as far as I know.

You are supposed to change the handle types, instead.

Select all your keyframes with A and then press V Set Keyframe Handle Type > Vector


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