While trying to figure out why my glass texture was not right I discovered an unexpected behaviour. Ref image:

enter image description here

I have two cameras in the scene - 1 active and 1 other. Depending on where my cursor/pointer is when I hit the render key (F12) I get different results, which are:

A. Cursor over top window = render result as image above. Active camera.

B. Cursor over either bottom window = render image from inactive camera....

Is this normal behaviour and therefore I'm missing something about the UV/Image Editor window that I should be looking into?

Blender 2.76

Note (edit): when I first entered the UV/Image Editor window, the other camera was the active one....


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This happens if you lock a camera to a viewport.

To lock a camera to a specific viewport, go to the specific 3D viewport's header and deselect the camera lock button on the right side of the layer buttons. Then press N, go to "View - Local Camera" and select a different camera.

To deactivate the view-specific camera, just enable the camera lock and the Render will show the view from the active camera again.

lock specific camera to viewport

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  • $\begingroup$ After playing with this, I see that when creating another window/viewport, the new window adopts the Use scene's active camera... lock status. If the window camera lock is unlocked then the new window will also be unlocked. Blender seems to default with a locked window. I don't recall unlocking any of the windows... but it's possible I clicked the icon during my newbie struggles. Thanks @metaphor_set, that's potentially very useful. Accepted :-) $\endgroup$
    – GLCoder
    Aug 30, 2016 at 21:54

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