Trying to create a setup that takes:

  • a curve with x amount of splines

and instances an object on

  • each 1st point of each spline
  • pointing into the direction of the spline (simple straight alignment will suffice, no bending needed)
  • scaled so it is as long as the spline itself

the first points of each spline I can select using the "Endpoint Selection" node

The direction I am conceptually, trying to capture by substracting the position of the point at index 1 + 1 from the position of the point at index 1, feeding it into a Euler to Vector. This I can't get to work.

Scaling, I haven't thought about as much. I think I need to get the spline length and multiply it by the dimensions of the instance to get the scaling in some way.

So, how would I get a vector pointing between the first and second point on EACH spline, and have the instances be aligned to that vector for each individual first point.


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This setup generates some random splines then positions a tetrahedron on each 1st point, with nominal height of 1, but scaled to the length of the spline:

zooming in on the actual solution:


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