I want to remove the inside parts to retopo this model (made in nomad) properly:

enter image description here

The hair wrapping around the body is also inside the body:

enter image description here

I want to remove the parts of the hair inside the body. What I tried:

  1. Merge by distance (removed about 2500)
  2. Select All by Trait -> Interior Faces, which looks like this: enter image description here

The vertices overlap and and aren't connected between the body and the hair. I guess that causes a problem. Sadly most of the posts I found on the internet were about more simple models, like a cube inside of another cube.

What method can I use to select the inside hair (or the inside parts of the eyes etc) and remove it?


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If you're doing this to retopo the model, I suggest to use the Voxel Remesher. It is found under Object Data Properties > Remesh. The most important parameter is the Voxel Size which you need to make as small as possible without producing a mesh that's too dense for your PC.

Voxel Remesh


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