I use the Visual Sequence Editor to compile highlights from my aerial drone. After editing the source(s), I want the exported video to have the same dimensions, fps, encoding, and quality as the original(s). I manually set these at the moment, then save them in a preset for future use. However sometimes I forget what camera I have used that day and load the wrong preset, this isn't a big problem but it is a waste of time to render the sequence again.

Is there a way to automatically set the output parameters to mimic the source video in Blender?


Currently there is no way to do this. However you would be able to do this via python.

I dont think the ffmpeg libraries (which is what blender uses to read and write video and audio files) have python bindings included with blender.

To write a python script to do this, you will need to use another python library, such as pipeffmpeg

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