I'm trying to do a simple idle animation...I click on frame 1, insert location/rotation. Everything seems fine. I move to the next frame...say 10 frames ahead and move the hips down slightly. Auto key frame is added...but when I scrub, I can see that the position I just set doesn't actually end up in that location until another 10 or so frames.

I have middle clicked down to scroll the frames down, I have clicked the home button while in the timeline but Blender won't end the animation on the current keyframe. Instead it extends it beyond where there are any keyframes and I can't see them to re adjust them.

I've even tried multiple versions of Blender but it keeps doing the same thing. I'm sure it's me doing something dumb but I can't figure it out

enter image description here


OMG...I had "Time Remapping" enabled. I had it set from 100 frames to 250 frames. Guess I don't know how to properly do a loop.


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