I am using Blender 2.81 and 2.82a. I want to import a SVG graphics, but the import SVG option doesn't appear on the import menu. I checked on both Blender 2.81 and 2.82a and it doesn't show. I checked on Add-ons, and the only import add-on I see is the AutoCAD DXF. Is this normal?

Does anyone know what can I do to bring the import SVG option back?


Import options


Enable the Import-Export SVG add-on in the user preferences

enter image description here

  • $\begingroup$ Oh, there it is. Thank you very much, you saved my day. How come I didn't see it before? I only saw the import AutoCAD DXF. 😅 $\endgroup$ – Gussisaurio Apr 29 '20 at 5:00

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