Quick question, is there any possibility to control the Area light somehow? I want to achieve a similar effect as you can see in the following image. Basically I need a higher contrast and would like to get the light more "sharp".

enter image description here

How to achieve that? Any suggestions?

Thank you @JachymMichal! That's close, but not exactly what I meant. Because you are using a spot light, the rays are not as parallel as I'd like having them. Basically I'd like to get a pretty harsh contrast and sharp shadow without the soft transitions. Tried to visualize it here:

enter image description here

Any other solution?


You'll be better off with a Spot or Sun lamp.
Sharper shadows can be achieved by decreasing Volumetrics density.

Spot lamp

  • for straight rays decrease the spot shape Angle value
  • for harder shadows increase power and Blend value

Sun lamp

  • keeps rays perfectly straight
  • for harder shadows increase strength and decrease angle

Example of a Spot light with a narrow cone (8°). enter image description here

Example of a sun lamp with perfectly parallel rays. enter image description here


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