I'm fairly new to gltf and am gradually learning about it's abilities/limitations. I am currently trying to test a file that would have multiple objects animate in a scene. However, whenever I export, only one of the objects animates (but if I export them individually, they animate fine on their own).

I read in the documentation that "glTF allows multiple animations per file, with animations targeted to particular objects at time of export. To ensure that an animation is included, either (a) make it the active Action on the object, (b) create a single-strip NLA track, or (c) stash the action." but it's hard to tell if that means one object can animate multiple times, or if you can have multiple objects animate in the one export. As I tested this with no success, but maybe I'm not creating the NLA track properly.

Any help or clarification with this would be extremely appreciated!

Thanks :)


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