How can I define path of source files such as video, image, etc relative to blend file instead of absolute path in Windows?

In blender, when I want to define path of source files I use their absolute path.

When I change blender file location, connection between blender file and the videos, images, ... linked to it get broken.

As I asked how can I define path of sources used in blender file, relative to blender file, instead of using absolute path in Windows?


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Just to illustrate cegaton's comment.

Filepaths in Blender are saved as relative by default.

You can still change them to absolute/relative though.
File > External Data > Make all paths relative/absolute.

enter image description here

You can also change this default behavior in preferences:
Edit > Preferences > Save & Load

enter image description here

On top of that, you can set default relative/absolute paths for some types of data (scripts, textures, etc...)
Just go to Edit > Preferences > File Paths

enter image description here


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