I am new in blender. Now I watch tutorials and try to make it. Have problem with making this tutorial (He create a glass and destroy it with the bullet). To complete it I have to use the "Bullet Constraints Tools" (I need to tie the meshes so that they look like one object), but I can't find this or any kind like for Blender ver. 2.8. Here what I find: Bullet Constraints Tools, Bullet Constraints Builder.

enter image description here

Can I complete this tutorial without this tool, or there is another tool I can use that support Blender 2.8.

  • $\begingroup$ I'm actually doing the same course. I've been googling to see if maybe there is another version. Did you manage to find anything yet? $\endgroup$ – Karl Sep 26 '19 at 19:07
  • $\begingroup$ I found tutorial(youtu.be/l0tUkP3rGRw) about how to made constraint in 2.79 and then open this file in 2.8, but it didnt not work for me. I also found special constrait versiion of 2.8(blender.community/c/graphicall/Lcbbbc), but it's non stable and closing after 2 minutes of working. I'm waiting of stable version of it. $\endgroup$ – Roman Sep 28 '19 at 8:47

It looks like it has now been ported to Blender 2.8.



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