I have asked this question before, but I'm still struggling with uploading my blender file. Could the file size be responsible for that? I followed the instructions I got from you, but I still can't upload my file.

However, I rigged again, saved and closed. When I opened the file again, rigs and objects separated too far or just expanded strangely as I showed already. And third, my audio file doesn't work even I followed to import my audio file step by step.

  1. Blend File Uploading Error
  2. Rigs separated apart/elongated
  3. Audio doesn't sound

This is my creature and rigs separated when I reopened my blender file. I feel something wrong from selecting arms separately too, which I followed through Youtube video.

Please help me, guys. My project is due next week and I must render my animations this weekend. Thanks for everyone's kind helps and replies.


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