How to access pie menus when in Tablet mode?

In Tablet mode, the keyboard will not be accessible, thus requiring access to the Pie Menus via the stylus pen. I need these menus for Viewpoint shortcuts, switching design modes, etc.

Please Help. TIA


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You can map one of the pen or tablet buttons in Wacom Tablet Properties to Ctrl+Tab as per this list of Blender shortcuts. Note that you can create a specific setting just for Blender.

  1. Go to Wacom Tablet Properties
  2. Optionally, set a specific application
  3. Select the dropdown menu for the button you plan on changing
  4. Select "Keystroke..."
  5. Press Ctrl+Tab, optionally name the shortcut key, and then click on OK

(click images to enlarge)
Image of Wacom Tablet Properties with an arrow to the setting I plan on changing

Image of the Menu item to select, "Keystroke..."

Image of the Dialog where the shortcut can be picked


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