I have a model where I would like to rotate an area of the object, in this case a mouth of a ordinary beast along a defined point, marked here with the 3D Cursor. And I am trying to move the selected areas Origin Point to the cursor, so in edit mode i press Ctrl+Shift+Alt+C and select "Origin to 3D Cursor. But then I get an error message that says, "Operation cannot be preformed in edit mode". Why??

I have Heard that you can snap the 3D Cursor to an object/vertex/edge/face but I have not found any reference of it... It is a mirrored object btw.Trying to move Origin Point enter image description here


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What I understood about your issue, you want to open mouth and close it.

Please try following steps:

  1. Select the base edges as shown in the image below, snap the 3D cursor to this edge, by hitting Shift + S and selecting Cursor to selected enter image description here

  2. Change the Pivot Point to 3D Cursor enter image description here

  3. Select the full mouth and rotate it as required. enter image description here

You may also create a Shape key for easy rotate and animate

When you are done with it you may change back the Pivot point to Median point

Best of luck!


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