It was looking like dividing by parts, a scene for rendering and reading this,


see Xparts and Yparts but on blender 2.4, but the interface has changed I currently have the 2.63 and download the, 2.73 and see but I can not see the menu for Xparts and Yparts, someone can say me if these options are even, and if I could show where.



This change was made in version 2.65, described in the release notes here under 'User Interaction'. You now have to define the size of the tiles by pixels in the performance panel, instead of defining how many tiles. For example, setting a tile to be 100px x 100px when rendering a 1000px x 1000px image would results in 10 tiles by 10 tiles.

However, I personally like to also have the option to define by the number of tiles, using the old way as you describe. I wrote a small addon which restores this functionality which can be found on github here, which adds back render parts options at the bottom of the performance panel:

enter image description here


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