About Me: I'm an electrical engineer by Profession with some programming experience in Python and applied Machine learning. I am involved in modelling, optimization and data analysis of renewable energy systems using Python, third - party software such as PVsyst, SAM etc. I have no experience in Blender or any animation software. If the following problem is solved using Blender, I shall be more than happy to learn.

Problem: I have always wanted to simulate the working of a Solar PV Plant (in it's entirety). The traditional tools do the Job such as PVsyst. But the software, to be honest does not operate on micro level. A major problem is the shading scene. So a shading scene may involve parameters as follows; Ground Mounted PV Plant using Topography

PV Plant mounted on Buildings

This involves the use of Topography and building plans; ray tracing techniques for optical problem solving...etc.. My objective is to calculate the shade falling on the PV Planes at different angles of the sun after mutual shadings. Simple. I look forward to use Blender and the expertise of forum to tackle such a problem.


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