I want to transfer the vertex indices from one mesh, to another mesh with identical topology, shape, size ect. As an example, I created two identical subdivided cubes. The only difference is that they do not have the same vertex indices.Two identical cubes. To demonstrate the problem I am having, I sculpted some smiley faces on to the cubes as shape keys.Some smiley face shape keys as examples. My goal is to have both shape keys applied to one cube at the same time. However, when I try to copy the shape key from the red cube to the green one, it doesn't work. I have tried Transfer Shape Key (left), which doesn't apply correctly. I have also tried Join as Shapes (right), which heavily distorts the cube.Failed shape key transfers due to different vertex indices. Is there a way I can change the vertex indices of the cube red cube to match the cube on the right?


I may be missunderstanding what you are trying to do here, wouldn't just making a copy of the Green cube in object mode be the easiest way to insure that both objects have identical vertex indices?

I thought it would be possible to Transfer Mesh Data from Green to Red cube. Object menu > Relations > Transform Mesh Data but I couldn't get it to work.

Tried with the Data Transfer modifier but again with no success.

That left the long way of transferring vertex indices : Link the data of the Red to the Green and then remove the link.

enter image description here

In Object mode first select Red object then select the Green one. Object menu > Make Links > Object Data. enter image description here

The Red object now has the same vertex order as the Green object: enter image description here

......... but also using all other data from the Green object. The Red can be unlinked in the Object Data Properties menu: enter image description here

There must be a more elegant way of doing this :)

there you go ... an Addon, see comment above.  Thankyou  @R-800  :)
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  • $\begingroup$ My goal was to apply the shape key of the red cube to the green cube, or visa versa. The problem I have with the linking method is that it erases the shape key of the red cube. $\endgroup$ – Louisa Voisey May 29 at 23:09

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