I have a 3D model of a liver and I wanted to get the rendered images of the model from various angles like the ones shown below. enter image description here enter image description here The path the camera would traverse would be roughly circular/elliptical with a fixed height from the X-Y plane. The problem is in every iteration I'm also doing some other computations in python with a script. So I wanted to add the automation of rotation along with my script in Python rather than doing it one at a time but am not able to figure out how to do so.


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Try using Python Scripting. The following script rotates the camera from initial position

X: 7m
Y: 1m
Z: 1m
Rotation_Z = 90 degrees (a.k.a cam.rotation_euler[2])

upto 90 degrees and captures num_steps frames. Change it to 360 for a complete view. R describes the distance from the target object (The Default Cube in my case). The radius_range contains all the radii to rotate in.

import bpy
import os
from math import *
from mathutils import *

#set your own target here
target = bpy.data.objects['Cube']
cam = bpy.data.objects['Camera']
t_loc_x = target.location.x
t_loc_y = target.location.y
cam_loc_x = cam.location.x
cam_loc_y = cam.location.y
# The different radii range
radius_range = range(3,9)

R = (target.location.xy-cam.location.xy).length # Radius

init_angle  = (1-2*bool((cam_loc_y-t_loc_y)<0))*acos((cam_loc_x-t_loc_x)/R)-2*pi*bool((cam_loc_y-t_loc_y)<0) # 8.13 degrees
target_angle = (pi/2 - init_angle) # Go 90-8 deg more
num_steps = 10 #how many rotation steps

for r in radius_range:
    for x in range(num_steps):
        alpha = init_angle + (x)*target_angle/num_steps
        cam.rotation_euler[2] = pi/2 + alpha #
        cam.location.x = t_loc_x+cos(alpha)*r
        cam.location.y = t_loc_y+sin(alpha)*r

        # Define SAVEPATH and output filename
        file = os.path.join('renders/', str(x)+'_'+ str(r)+'_'+str(round(alpha,2))+'_'+str(round(cam.location.x, 2))+'_'+str(round(cam.location.y, 2)))

        # Render
        bpy.context.scene.render.filepath = file

In my, case, all cameras positions produced by this code look like enter image description here

I hope it helps :)


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