Recently I decided to try shapekeys for facial expressions(as I used separate armatures) but I've run into the problem where I change the value, press I and hit rotlocscal(because I don't see an option for shapekey) and it doesn't change during the playing animation, staying the same.

How do I save the shapekey to the keyframe? I've tried looking it up but had no luck and I would greatly appreciate some help on this. This model is going to be imported into Unity and it's pretty important that these shapekeys work.

Also due to copyright I cannot upload any part of the model.


You can add keyframes by:

  1. Press RMB on Value box and select Insert Keyframe.
  2. Hover on Value box and press I

When keyframes created, you can edit them in Dope sheet or Graph editor like usual keyframes.

enter image description here

Also you can create a driver for shape keys.

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