I want to automate my blinders with a motor.

Image added for the motions required.

I somehow need to make the "horn" that attaches the motor to the handle.

Have been thinking of a few possibilities such as 3d printing or using clay.

The problem with 3d printing might be the constant printing to readjust sizes etc which can be troublesome if you 3d print in a local business your pieces, plus the learning curve and dedicated time...

Wonder if photometry could be a feasible answer to the original handle that I could "bool subtract" from the rotatory part.

Has anybody tried photometry for this? Any recommendations in general for what I am trying to achieve?

blinder handle rotation scheme

  • $\begingroup$ I'd recommend using some kind of measuring tool to get your 3d print as precise as possible. Photogrammetry would likely be too imprecise for this task. $\endgroup$ Mar 7 at 10:41
  • $\begingroup$ @NascentSpace so lets say diameter is 3cm. for the hole mesh how much sparing distance would you leave? 3.1cm of hole? $\endgroup$ Mar 7 at 11:01
  • 1
    $\begingroup$ Try yeggi they may have something...But you have to know your type of blinds. yeggi.com/q/automated+blinds $\endgroup$
    – Rick T
    Mar 7 at 15:44

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