First time posting a question. Forgive my ignorance.

I am really excited about animating in grease pencil with 2.8. I created a crazy camera move as a test through a few cubes and i wanted to animate a character running with the camera move.

But i've discovered that no matter how i configure the view or origin settings the camera always moves past the grease pencil object. I tried parenting the camera to the grease pencil object and it still doesnt fully move with the camera.

I am pretty new to blender so apologies again if this is a simple fix. I am trying to use it for storyboarding. being able to draw characters in existing camera moves and all that.

thanks for any help!


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  1. Use any cam. Preferible Add-on Camera Rig
  2. Create a Grease Pencil
  3. Add Object Constrain: Copy Transforms
  4. Set: Before Original and place your Grease Pencil in frame.
  5. Now you can animate in camera view. GP will follow any mov.

lock grease pencil to cam


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