i try to get an effect on an image texture in blender like an UV-coating.

Example could be: https://i.shgcdn.com/1d8071fc-58f9-4ed8-b1f6-4e6febb330d9/-/format/auto/-/stretch/off/-/resize/3000x/-/quality/lighter/ or http://fourprint.pl/wp-content/uploads/2018/02/Spot-UV-Logo-MocUp-full1.jpg

I used image texture node and put it into an glossy and diffuse node. As the fac i used Frensel node but I was not able to manage to get the effect of the reflection.

I am using cycles render only.

Should be easy, but I am not able to manage it.

Thanks a million.


You will have to play with the settings to get the exact look you want, but the base of this material is a noise texture that controls the roughness and the displacement of the material (technically the roughness should be consistent, but it gives it more contrast IMO)

enter image description here


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