I am developing a program that will include a custom importer and exporter for blender.

I would like the installer for my program to be able to automatically install and enable the import/export python scripts. Here are the steps I think I need to do:

  1. Find the blender add-on directory. My program is windows-only, so I presume this will just be in %appdata%\Blender Foundation
  2. Copy my add-on files to a subdirectory of the add-on directory
  3. Enable the plugin in blender
  4. Save the user preferences so that the plugin stays enabled after a restart.

I can work out 1, and 2 is easy, but I'm not sure that 3 and 4 are even possible without using the UI. Is it possible to do them programmatically, perhaps via a python script that I launch with blender?


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Part 1. Your user script paths.

Type bpy.utils.script_paths( and press tab which returns

script_paths(*, subdir=None, user_pref=True, check_all=False, use_user=True)
Returns a list of valid script paths.
:arg subdir: Optional subdir.
:type subdir: string
:arg user_pref: Include the user preference script path.
:type user_pref: bool
:arg check_all: Include local, user and system paths rather just the paths
   blender uses.
:type check_all: bool
:return: script paths.
:rtype: list

script_path_user()` returns the env var and falls back to home dir or None. For example –

>>> bpy.utils.script_path_user()

And the addons paths

>>> bpy.utils.script_paths(subdir='addons')

Part 3.

Look in scripts/modules/addon_utils.py

from the console

>>> from addon_utils import enable
>>> enable(
enable(module_name, default_set=False, persistent=False, handle_error=None)
Enables an addon by name.
:arg module_name: The name of the addon and module.
:type module_name: string
:return: the loaded module or None on failure.
:rtype: module

To enable my sound drivers addon for instance


Check out the source, there are other handy addon utils in there.

and for part 4, there's the operator to save user prefs.

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