Hi I have created a VDB file explosion and it looks great. I Have imported it into another project and it all works.

This is using Blender 3.6

However I would like to change the frame that it appears on.

Is it possible to have it start on frame 30 or frame 50 in this project? Or do I have to go back to the original VDB animation and reconfigure it?

I see the offset option but I believe that this is to use only part of the VDB file itself. I want the whole vdb file just would like it to start at a different frame in this new project?


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It is actually quite simple, in the settings for the OpenVDB File there is a Start value. This is the one on which you want the simulation to start.

If you hover your mouse over it, the appearing tooltip says: "Global starting frame of the sequence, assuming first has a #1". That sounds a bit mysterious maybe, it means if your sequence starts with 1, this starting point will be placed on the frame you specify with the Start value (if Offset is 0).

The Frames are to say how long the sequence is (if you set a lower value then the sequence contains, they will be cut at the end) and the Offset as you already suspected is how many frames you want to be cut off at the beginning of the sequence.

starting frame

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    $\begingroup$ Thanks I noticed that and the summary left me thinking it related to the VDB file itself, it did make me confused. $\endgroup$ Nov 14, 2023 at 9:44

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