I have a set of points in a text file that define the edges of a solid object. Each line in the file is a collection of points (x,y,z) which form a closed loop. Stacking these loops forms the object.

I am trying to create a surface mesh of the object and write it to an.STL file. What would be the best way to do it in Blender? Can the process be automated with a script?

I am totally new to blender and have no idea where to start. Any pointers are much appreciated.


Edit: I understand that once all the points are loaded into Blender, I can connect the vertices in each layer to form edges. But, how are the vertices defined?

Here is what I have:

with open('contoursb1_0.25res_60SCD.txt','r') as file:
test = [[[float(i) for i in pt.split(',')] for pt in line.split()] for line in file]

Now for each layer, I would like to go across the list and create vertices and edges. How should I proceed? I found this post helpful, but am unable to create vertices. I am also a novice in python. So if you have any suggestions or see any errors and point them out, I would be greatful.



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